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Responsible persons of residential care homes & assisted living facilities, have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of residents. One crucial aspect often overlooked but of immense significance is passive fire protection and within that fire stopping of fire compartments. Annual fire risk assessments (FRAs) in these establishments almost always identify non compliances in passive fire safety measures, leaving premises owners and facilities managers exposed to significant liability. As FRAs are a general overview it is often difficult for facility owners and managers to identify the next step to mitigating the risk and carrying out remedial action to nullify the exposure.


Identifying Vulnerabilities: Common passive fire Concerns highlighted in Fire Safety Assessments:


  1. Compromised Fire Walls and Floors

Holes or penetrations in fire walls and floors serve as pathways for fire to spread rapidly. Inadequate firestopping around pipework, cables, and services generally passing through these compartments further exacerbates the risk.


  1. Neglected Fire Barriers and Curtains

Loft spaces, often containing essential infrastructure, are found lacking proper fire barriers or curtains, making them vulnerable unseen areas for fire propagation.


  1. Deteriorating Fire Doors

Fire doors in poor condition, with damaged seals or faulty door closers, undermine their ability to contain fire and smoke effectively.


The Urgency for Action: Mitigating Fire Risks

Addressing these deficiencies is not just a regulatory requirement but a moral obligation to safeguard the lives and well-being of residents and staff. Failure to rectify these vulnerabilities could lead to devastating consequences.


Partnering for Comprehensive Solutions

Murus Fire Protection offers specialised expertise in fire compartmentation surveys. By conducting a thorough assessment, they can identify the extent of exposure through poor compartmentation and provide comprehensive solutions to rectify the issues found.


Why Choose Murus Fire Protection?

Expertise: Highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in passive fire protection.

Comprehensive Analysis: Detailed surveys to pinpoint vulnerabilities and offer effective solutions.

Commitment to Safety: Prioritising the well-being of occupants by ensuring robust fire protection measures.


Contact Murus Fire Protection to schedule a compartmentation survey and mitigate the risks posed by inadequate fire protection measures.